Who are we?
Here at Sell My San Diego House we believe in providing home sellers with the best option based upon their life situation and their real estate goals. Everyone is at a different stage or point in their life and we understand that life circumstances come up. That's why we're here to help advise and guide you when it comes to selling.

We believe in creating relationships first and always putting our clients first and foremost. We will help you weigh out your selling options and let you decide what the best option is for you. If you would like a free no obligation consultation we'd be happy to chat with you!
We Buy Houses In Any Situation
Avoiding foreclosures? Faced with the divorce? Moving? Upside down on your mortgage? Ties? It doesn't matter whether you live in it, whether you rent it out, whether it's empty, or if it's not habitable. We support owners who have inherited an unwanted home, own a vacant house, are behind on payments, owe bonds, downsized and can't sell... even if the house needs repairs that you can't pay for...

Basically, if you have a property and need to sell it, we'd like to give you a fair cash offer and close it when you're ready to sell it.
Don’t trust just a survey
If businesses ask you to self-assess your house, they're more likely to want to find out more about your home and neighborhood.
No visit, no photos, no offer
Surveys, phone calls or something other than a personal visit can not generate an accurate bid, and investors know that. That's why others are going to reduce the initial offer until they visit the home.
Know whats covered
Some businesses have been known to charge outlandish service and business risk rates that dramatically reduce the bid. Is there any experience worth a percentage of your home?
Dont get ditched holding a contract
When people sell their homes quickly, some investors will have a clause in the contract that states they can withdraw from the sale for as long as ten days after the contract has been signed. Make sure to protect yourself when you're selling your house.
Do your own due diligence
Some businesses have been around for 15 minutes, and some have just come to the area. Trust investors who are experienced who can guide you through a process like Sell My San Diego House.
Keeping it personal
Make sure you're dealing with a real person who keeps you up-to-date in the process. Call centers or remote offices may not be able to give your home the attention it needs.
How Can Our Investors Buy Your House So Fast?
Every day, costs accumulate, so our investors work quickly to get stuff done in the shortest possible period, saving you time and money.

We understand that a fast home sale is better than a listing to be sold later, and that's why when we buy homes, our investors usually make an offer to your home within 24-48 hours. Because of this, we're buying houses of all kinds (good or bad) easily, so you won't have to wait weeks or even months for a real estate agent to try to sell your home on the market.
We reduce the extra expense, so that you have no taxes, no commissions and no contingencies. Wherever we purchase homes in San Diego, we also pay for closing expenses and set a closing date that works best for you. Let Sell My San Diego House work for you and lets us give you Cash offer for your home!

Here are some of the most common fees and costs associated with the process of home sale that are avoided when you sell to an investor in Sell My San Diego House:

** The list can vary depending on the state in which the home resides
  • Property Taxes-You could end up paying extra property taxes on your home depending on your current property taxes and the time of the year that you sell your house.
  • Escrow Fees-Escrow fees cover a wide variety of costs, including selling your home fees, keeping the sales funds in confidence, preparing transaction paperwork, and other required formalities.
  • Association Transfer Fees for Homeowners-You would need to transfer the fees charged to the new homeowner to the HOA if you live in a HOA.
  • Home Repairs-Only an inspection can show how much you need to spend on fixing your house before it is appropriate for sale.
  • Disclosure Charge-This is a compulsory fee that the home seller pays.
  • Recording Fee- To document the deed of trust and sale of your home, a fee must be charged to the Recorder's Office.
  • Title Insurance – Title insurance is insurance given to the home buyer by the home seller to ensure that the home title clears to the person who buys your home.
  • Real Estate Fees- Commissions are paid to the real estate brokerage of the listing agent, who then pays for their time selling and negotiating deals to sell the home to the listing agent and the agent of the home buyer.
  • Home Warranty-This charge is charged to the customer or seller, depending on the coverage.
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