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Tired Landlords, do you Need to Sell your Rental Property?

Are you tired of being a landlord? If you're a tired landlord, then you know it's not easy to rent a home. In reality, it's always a thankless job to pay you a few hundred dollars a month at best. You are responsible for handling accounts, applications and rentals, tenants, vendors, tax payments, and the house itself.

If it's bad tenants destroying your house or vacancy destroying your income, there's always something to think about, and you're always asking questions.You will get your house sold and cash in your hand in a matter of days. Dealing with nightmare tenants, or the demands of a mortgage, has soured the career of landlord for you.

You will get your house sold and cash in your hand in a matter of days. Dealing with nightmare tenants, or the demands of a mortgage, has soured the career of landlord for you. Or maybe you're only trying to liquidate an income asset that you no longer want to invest in other business opportunities.

We’ve worked with tired landlords who are in situations like these:

I’m a landlord and I’m not making any money.

Maybe your tenants either don't pay for it on time, or worse, not at all. Perhaps the house fell into such disrepair that the rent money you receive had to go back to the house, leaving you with zero benefit.

After all, you initially became a landlord to make extra cash flow every month. If you're in this situation, it's probably time to make a move. This is the number one reason that we hear from the landlords asking for our support.

I’m a landlord and my tenants are the worst.

Maintenance call comes in at any time of night? Neglect, huh? Abuse of the property? And what about the squatters (illegal tenants)? Squatting is a real life situation that we're struggling with all the time, as in this case:

A lady we worked with, in collaboration with another man, to buy a rental property. The aim was to buy the property under her credit, and he would be responsible for repairing the property for sale.

Turns out, all of his mates moved in and never paid a penny in rent. They've been professional squatters. Although all the financial burdens fall on her, they made the most of living in her property for free! They've ever had little hope of repairing the place or paying for it.

"Squatters rights" also known as "adverse possession" means that the trespasser is simply attempting to acquire legal title to the land through continuous possession. Laws in Texas and Oklahoma shield landlords in that a squatter must meet stringent conditions in order to have the right to own property. In Texas, they can't even begin to claim ownership until they've been living there continuously for three years. It's been 15 years in Oklahoma.

Although this poses a dilemma for you as a landlord, dealing with the situation promptly and through the right legal channels is the best course of action. We will help if you need legal partners.

I’m a landlord and I just can’t afford it.

Your own rental property can require substantial deferred maintenance and repairs. The financial drain is a very frustrating one. The rent no longer covers the expense of running the house, let alone making a profit. At this point, it may be in your best interest to sell the rental property in cash as-is. Don't think about costly repairs.

Stuff like a new roof, flooring or carpeting, plumbing, etc. will cost tens of thousands of dollars. You won't be able to rent the property during construction. This can present a distressing situation for landlords who rely on monthly rental income.

End the Stress of Being a Landlord

You should skip all of these if you're tired of being a landlord. There are several reasons why you may be tired of becoming a landlord. You may have financial difficulties in maintaining your house, or even if you have financial flexibility, you may not have the time to deal with the tenants and take care of the maintenance jobs necessary. You might also feel like you don't get the desired income from your land. You spend a lot on maintenance and repairs, and you don't get cash flow in return. If this is the case, you can explore other ways to make a profit back from your property without going through the repair and other difficulties.

When working with Property Country, we can make a reasonable offer to you on your property. No low-balling, or trying to haggle you into selling to us as cheaply as possible, as most investment firms do in the night.

If you are no longer interested in managing your house, you can employ a rental management company to take care of it. Rental management companies will take on all the obligations of your land. They are licensed and can deal with bad tenants and other property issues. In return, however, you would have to give the management company a percentage of the rent. They will act as landlords, manage maintenance work, and take care of the tenants.This is a fantastic idea if you have a spread in your monthly rental income to handle it, but if you don't, you might not be able to employ a rental management company to take over for you. You will now also be responsible for the costs of maintenance, replacement of AC's, and more. If this is the case, it could still be better to sell to an investor and move to another investment property or get out of it altogether.

Why are you selling your rental property to cash home buyers like us?

Real estate agents are not as sympathetic as we are when it comes to unwanted rentals. They're going to ask you to do this and change a lot before your property can be listed. We'd like to help you avoid the whole mess. We approach the sales process from a different angle, and you profit from our perspective.

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We work for you when you sell to us. We've worked with a lot of landlords who have been struggling with unsavory tenants. We know how the story is going.

You don't have to deal with that anymore. Sell the house for cash to us, and we're going to help you move on to better things and investments.

If one of these sounds like you, you're in the right place:

  • Our rental keeps falling apart, whether plumbing, air conditioning, or electrical equipment is out of date.
  • Code breaches or structural problems have made your rental property almost uninhabitable.
  • Your tenants have gone through your rental like a cyclone, destroying everything on the way out.
  • You are officially dispossessing the tenants and looking to sell them before their final notice comes to an end.
  • You're heading to a new business venture that needs you to sell your unwanted properties for cash.

How do you expect us to sell your foreclosure house?

  • We're never going to ask you to fix your building. We know that people who have health conditions and people that have reached retirement age are living on fixed incomes that do not allow for expensive repairs.
  • Drug damage is not troubling us. We buy and clean assets that have been tested positive for meth contamination.
  • We're going to buy the property even though the unpaid tenants staying there haven't moved out yet.
  • If your tenants have left the place a mess, we're going to clean it up. You don't have to hire a crew to get in there.
  • We're going to take care of all the repairs to the house – even the pricey ones you couldn't take care of.
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